This Phillips 66 in Waco Needs to be Saved

By: jwilder

Phillips 66 service station Waco Texas
Former Phillips 66 Service Station in Waco, constructed in 1964. Photo by j.wilder

This architectural treasure is a former Phillips 66 service station. It's located at 2601 W Waco Drive, Waco, Texas.

This brilliant red and white service station was constructed in 1964, the same year the Ford Mustang was introduced and the government mandated seat belts for every car.

Phillips Petroleum used this modern architectural style on their service stations between 1960 and 1970. The design was inspired by an architectural trend that started in California, in the 1940s.

The eye-catching architectural features of these Phillips 66 stations were the upwardly projecting triangular canopy, full glass office enclosure, glass garage bay doors and bright lights that accent the canopy. The lights underneath the canopy flooded the area with light and gave customers a sense of security. And of course, brought attention to the skyward aimed canopy, a brilliant use of architectural style to serve as distinctive branding.

The glass walls of the service office angled out and upward. This not only looked cool, but served a purpose. The angled class deflected car headlights, making it easier to see into the office at night.

The Vision

Phillips 66 service station architecture
Phillips Petroleum Architect Clarence Reinhardt merged California drive-in design into the new Phillips 66 service stations of the 1960s.

This image should give you a better idea of the vision Phillips Petroleum had for their modern gas station designs. The words that come to mind are bright, clean, safe, modern and open. The winged canopies soar to the sky and point to the glowing Phillips 66 badges. The Phillips 66 branding was unmistakable.

Phillips Petroleum used this architectural style throughout the United States during the decade of the 1960s.


I hope that the current or future owner of this historic Phillips 66 station considers placing a state historical marker on the property to help ensure it's future survival.

There are plenty more gas stations in Waco just waiting for someone with the desire and resources to preserve them as a part of our transportation history.

Learn More

See my in-depth article on MOTOR Texas to learn more about the the Phillips Petroleum Architect Clarence Reinhardt and the California architecture phenomenon that inspired the Phillips 66 design.

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This Phillips 66 in Waco Needs to be Saved